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All fuels are equal, some more equal than others though.  Whilst fuel may come in the same grades from various filling stations and various brands, the little differences between these fuels is often what proves to be the difference between a good fuel and a great one.


Primarily these differences come down to one simple little thing… additives…


What are additives?


Additives are supplements that fuel companies mix in with the base grade of fuel to improve its efficacy, boost its octane rating, and keep your engine clean from the inside.  One such example, leading the field in additives and fuel is new Caltex with Techron 2.0.


What is Techron?


Techron is Caltex’s specialised fuel additive that has been proving itself for years as one of the industry’s leading fuel additives.  The main role of Techron in Caltex fuel is to clean the engine as you drive.  Think of Techron as the fibre in your car’s diet, scrubbing down the engine’s internal bits and pieces like roughage in your body.


A clean, detoxed engine, much like a detoxed body, performs better – feeling more alive and responsive, able to work harder and smarter for longer.  Wouldn’t we all like to feel like that on a regular basis?

What does this mean for me?


Well, simply put, your engine is more efficient, burning each drop of fuel cleaner and requiring less fuel to make more power.  The end results, and the most noticeable ones out on the road, are more power, better engine responses, and perhaps most importantly to the budget conscious among us, better fuel consumption.  More kilometres per tank of fuel is something we could all benefit from.


Anything else I need to know about Techron?


This is Techron 2.0 with Clean and Glide technology – newer and better because of the addition of Clean and Glide Technology.  That’s what makes this Techron 2.0 their best fuel ever…


Clean and Glide?  Sounds interesting – what is it?


Clean and Glide is a lubricant that has been added to Techron.  In much the same way that engine oil coats the main bits of your engine, Clean and Glide coats all the tiny invisible surfaces to reduce friction.  Friction is bad – reducing performance and possibly harming your engine in the long run.


So basically, Clean and Glide makes sure your engine runs as smoothly as possible, minimising friction and feeling as smooth as a spoonful of smooth and creamy ice cream on a hot summer’s day!


A smoother running engine is quieter too, and the reduced friction means the engine takes less strain and ultimately less wear and tear.  Not only does this help you in the short term with fuel consumption, but in the long run it means your engine will last longer.


So Techron 2.0 with Clean and Glide technology is something special?


Think of Caltex with Techron as the vegetables in your car’s diet, making sure your car is healthy and strong.  Not to mention a cleaner healthier engine has benefits for the environment too – less pollution.


It’s a win all round, for your car, your wallet, and the environment.  So it turns out not all fuels are equal – some are just better all round.


For more information about Caltex Techron 2.0 with Clean and Glide technology, visit https://goo.gl/hPZ4k1 


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