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When we think of the basic driveline elements of a car, the engine, gearbox, and driven wheels are our first and often only thoughts as critical elements responsible for driving.  But there’s a lesser thought of device that plays a big, big role – the differential.  The differential plays a … Read moreContinue Reading

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You may remember our Tech Talk segment on turbo-lag; what it is, what it isn’t, and the ways around it.  At the time of writing, there were only a few ways around it, with the most likely going forward in production cars being ‘electric turbocharging’.  Audi has proven us right … Read moreContinue Reading

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Of late, a few articles have been released stating that manufacturers are going to re-look at the idea of small displacement turbocharged engines.  It seems, despite the downsizing trend, they’ll actually need to start making their engines bigger again.  We’re not talking about getting back the 6208cc V8 from the … Read moreContinue Reading

  Soft suspension equals comfort, and hard suspension equals a trip to the chiropractor, right?  Not quite.  Soft isn’t always plush, and likewise, hard doesn’t always mean harsh.  It might be tough to understand at first, but TCR Tech Talk is on hand to explain how soft can be harsh and … Read moreContinue Reading

The ‘DSG Burp’ is a cultural phenomenon in South Africa – more so than it should be, really.  The excitement that can be drawn from the ‘burp’ of a DSG equipped Golf GTI in unreal, 54.2kviewsYou may also like What is Turbo Lag? SA-Bound Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Costs Supercar … Read moreContinue Reading

There are only 2 types of gearbox used in cars, right?  Wrong.  Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to a gearbox than just whether it’s an automatic or a manual – not all gearboxes that 1.5kviewsYou may also like What is Turbo Lag? SA-Bound Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Costs Supercar … Read moreContinue Reading