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Among the 7 model variants, 2 new crossovers will join the Opel family.

Opel’s on the offensive – following the initiation of their growth plans, things have been going swimmingly for them.  To prove it, and to further boost sales volumes, the German marque is planning on releasing 7 new vehicles during 2017.  It’s not 7 genuine models though, as 3 of them are all variants of one particular vehicle, and unfortunately not all of them will be making their way to South Africa.


1. Opel Ampera-e:

 Opel Ampera-e, Ampera-e, Opel, Torquing Cars

The Ampera-e is Opel’s version of the much lauded Chevrolet Bolt.  It’s a small, compact electric hatchback with a claimed range of more than 500km (according to the flawed NEDC tests).  Unfortunately, the Ampera-e is unlikely to arrive in SA – however if the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 continue to sell, and the infrastructure is prepped and ready, Opel may well consider it in future.


2. Opel Insignia Range:


Three variants of the new Opel Insignia will be launched in 2017 – the Grand Sport, Sports Tourer, and Country Tourer.  These three models will be a sedan, station wagon, and cross country semi-offroad wagon respectively, and will look to spearhead a more premium line of attack for the brand.


These are unfortunately almost guaranteed not to arrive locally, as the South African market barely gives a second glance to anything in the D-segment unless it bears an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz badge.  The fact that even the Honda Accord has been pulled from our market says enough.


3. Opel Vivaro:

 Opel Vivaro, Vivaro, Opel, Torquing Cars

The Opel Vivaro mini-bus is another one we no longer receive here – but is set to receive major updates to enhance its flexibility in terms of passenger accommodation.


4. Opel Crossland X:


Following on from the soon to be launched Opel Mokka X (the face lifted Mokka SUV), Opel will release a new model called the Crossland X.  The Crossland X will occupy a similar segment to the Mokka, however it will be more practical, becoming what is essentially the replacement for the Meriva MPV – showing once again how crossovers are the new trend in family mobility.


The Crossland X is a strong contender for local arrival, but at this stage we still have no clue what it may look like besides the single top-down teaser image posted above.


5. Opel Grandland X:


The Opel Grandland X will be the 3rd SUV/Crossover in the Opel line-up – as denominated by the ‘X’ naming scheme.  This C-Segment SUV will be based off the new Opel Astra, and will look to compete against the Nissan Qashqai, BMW X1, and Mercedes-Benz GLA – sitting side by side with the Astra and Zafira in Opel’s burgeoning C-segment offering.


Like the Crossland X, the Grandland X puts forward a strong case for the South African market and is highly likely to be made available here.


Again, the only visual details we have of the Grandland X is the top-down image shared by Opel at the top of the post.


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