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At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show next month, Fiat is going to Debut it’s angriest vehicle yet, a variation of the oh-so-lovable Panda we tested last year, called the Panda Cross.  As you can imagine, it looks a little angrier, and it can go where no other Panda has gone before!

Building on the European success of the Panda 4X4, the Panda Cross takes things to a new level for the super-mini, offering all-terrain capability with new features, more performance, and improved ground clearance.  Central to the Panda’s new-found ability is the inclusion of Torque-on-Demand, a transmission system which uses the car’s electronic locking diff’ to manage the torque distribution to each wheel, resulting in a fully automatic vehicle that can cross almost any terrain.  In addition, the Panda Cross also has a diff lock 4WD function.  The angry Panda also benefits from larger tyres, all-season 185/65 R15 rubber, at each corner for maximum offroad performance and on-road comfort.

The Panda Cross is an angry looking thing, with visual upgrades aplenty.  Under-body panelling, scuff protection, LED daytime running lamps and tow-loops all add to the visual appeal, while the rugged wheel design and black/orange colour scheme combination is rather exciting to look at. The increased ground clearance of up to 160mm adds the final touch to the visual appeal, and also enables approach and departure angles of 24- and 33-degrees respectively.

Power-wise, the Panda Cross is dealt one of two engine variants, a 0.9-litre TwinAir Turbo engine developing 67kW and 145Nm, or a 1.3 MultiJet II turbo-diesel developing 60kW and 190Nm.  Both engines are equipped with Start/Stop technology as standard.

Sadly, South Africa doesn’t feature in future plans for the Panda Cross, with Fiat South Africa citing that it would be too costly to offer in South Africa’s market.  As much as we understand that though, we can’t help but to want one of these!  Let’s hope Fiat SA revisit this decision in a year or so, maybe then we’ll be lucky enough to receive an Angry Panda!

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