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Commence crisis now!  It’s our favourite carbon fibre roadster, the Alfa Romeo 4C, but it’s gone and lost its top in spider guise – if this doesn’t trigger emotional sobs of joy, you don’t have a heart.

Revealed today in Geneva, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Design Preview is destined for production in 2015.  Based on the 4C Coupe, the Spider retains its lightweight carbon fibre shell, but lops off the roof to make way for a lightweight canvas hood.  The additional weight has been kept to a mere 60Kg.

Highlights to the 4C Spider, besides the obvious lack of a roof, include a new Akrapovic dual-stage central exhaust system with titanium and carbon tailpipes, as well as a new headlamp design, correcting the wrongs of the bug-eyed ones found on the coupe.  New alloy wheels have also been designed from solid aluminium blocks, fitted with bespoke Pirelli tyres, and finished in gloss white.

The 4C Spider is still powered by Alfa’s all-aluminium 179kW, 1750 TBI engine, driving the rear wheels via a 6-speed dry-clutch TCT transmission.  Claimed performance is identical to the coupe counterpart at 4.5 seconds 0-100km/h, with a top speed in excess of 250km/h.

We don’t know about you, but this needs to be produced, and soon!

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