Honda Civic Type R Concept revealed: (Video)

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Honda previously released a lone sketch of the Civic Type R Concept, and all speculation was that a physical version would be nowhere near as pretty.  We’re proud to report everyone was wrong, it’s stunning!

Honda is touting the Civic Type R as a race car for the road, and whilst we know it really isn’t, that job is left up to the Opel Astra OPC EXTREME, we do know that it will be rather brilliant.

The Concept, which debuted today at the Geneva Motor Show, previews the styling of the upcoming Civic Type R, and should it retain even 80% of what we see here, we’ll be more than happy.

Honda claims that the styling isn’t just a matter of looking good, but having usable function too.  According to the firm, the standout rear spoiler does actually provide additional down force, and they say the larger air intakes provide cooling for the high output engine.  The massively flared wheel arches have been made wide enough to accommodate 20-inch tyres and air outlets have been integrated for optimised air flow.

At present we don’t know too much about the production Civic Type R, but we do know it has a brand new 2.0 VTEC TURBO engine from the Earth Dreams Technology range, that will produce at least 206kW and 400Nm.  It will be linked to a manual 6-speed transmission driving the front wheels as standard, but may also be optionally paired to a new 8-speed DCT.

Honda had previously made the statement that the new Type R would dethrone the Megane RS Trophy as the fastest FWD car around the Nurburgring Nordschleife, but it has a tougher task now after the Seat Leon Cupra 280 managed to crack the 8-minute mark this week.

We like this concept, a lot.  Let’s hope Honda manages to meet their claim when production units arrive in 2015.

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