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We’ve just gotten to grips with the stonking Mercedes-AMG GT S, and the last thing it left us thinking was, “I really wish this has an extra pair of seats,” yet that’s exactly what Mercedes-AMG has gone and given it.  Feast your eyes on the much anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door … Read moreContinue Reading

Mercedes-AMG GT S, AMG GT, Mercedes-AMG, AMG GT S, GT S, Torquing Cars, Roger Biermann, Roarke Bouffe, Vaughn Humphrey

Mercedes-AMG have gone and done it; they’ve brought a sledgehammer to a knife fight.  Against the scalpel that is the Porsche 911, the white coats from Affalterbach have flown into the fray with all the grace of Thor wielding his mighty hammer – Mjolnir – with all the thunder and … Read moreContinue Reading

Mercedes-AMG CLA45, Roarke Bouffe, CLA45, Mercedes-AMG, CLA45 AMG, CLA, Torquing Cars

I’m at a complete halt; left foot on the brakes, right foot at the ready over the throttle.  Twist the drive mode selector on the centre console to Sport+, prod the ESC switch to engage Sport ESC mode, and wrap my hands around the leather and Alcantara clad steering wheel.  … Read moreContinue Reading

Mercedes-AMG C63, Mercedes-AMG, C63, C63 AMG, M177, Torquing Cars

Picture – if you’ll humour me for a moment – a bear in a 3-piece suit.  A fine suit of woven cotton and silk, soft to the touch, and tailored to a tee.  It’s absurd, the notion of something so debonair swathing something that could be so brutal, so vicious, … Read moreContinue Reading