Koenigsegg Agera One:1 Revealed – the world’s first Megacar:

There may be some of you who are at this point gloating that the Hennessey Venom GT posted a 432.7km/h top speed run – but Koenigsegg is here to ruin your day with the new Agera One:1, the world’s first megacar.

Yes, Megacar – the Agera One:1 is the first production car to feature 1 megawatt of power (1000kW).  We’ve been following the details on the One:1 carefully, and yesterday, Koenigsegg decided to give up all the details ahead of the reveal in Geneva this coming week.

One:1 specifies the world’s 1st 1:1 power to curb weight ratio homologated production car in Kg/hp.  The Agera One:1 weighs in at 1341Kg, and the twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 has outputs of 1000kW at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque figure of 1371Nm at 6000 rpm.  Redline is at 8250 rpm.  More impressive yet, is the fact that over 1000Nm of the torque is available from 3000-7500 rpm, making for one brutal piece of machine!  Christian von Koenigsegg said that speed was not a goal for the One:1, but rather to be the ultimate track machine.  He also said that extra power could have been achieved, but that would result in delayed boost which would detract from the driving experience.

The Agera One:1 is not just an ordinary Agera, from the carbon fibre moncoque chassis up it’s been rebuilt, even using Formula 1 standard carbon fibre to reduce the weight, resulting in a 20% lighter chassis.  The combination of light weight and high power means the One:1 should be able to, if simulations are correct, top out at well over 440km/h, after sprinting from 0-400km/h in 20 seconds.  It has stopping power too, and can slow down from that quadruple century to a standstill in 10 seconds flat.

The Agera One:1 is a new breed of machine, brought to life after Christian von Koenigsegg heard rumours of Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche building 900hp hypercars.  He set out to produce a competitor and in the process he may just have gone one better.

The new megacar is a display of all the latest technology, and thanks to the small production run of a mere 6 units, Koenigsegg were able to implement technology such as 3D printing for equipment such as the variable turbo housing and titanium exhaust.  The exhaust alone weighs 400 grams less than an aluminium counterpart – itself already light as a feather in automotive terms.  The exhaust is also the largest piece of 3D printed titanium ever built.

But the One:1 should be able to do more than just go fast in a straight line – handling should be exemplary.  On standard road legal production cup tyres, the One:1 can pull up to 2G of force in cornering, and generate 610Kg of down force at 260km/h.  The chassis features active ride height and shock absorbers including variable stiffness spring ratios, all aiding in superb handling.

Active aero is something new for Koenigsegg, but features on the One:1.  However, whereas most manufacturers employ flaps and ducts, Koenigsegg have cut holes in the carbon fibre to weaken it – yes we know, no one ever weakens carbon fibre purposefully – with hydraulic actuators that flex the carbon fibre to direct airflow through the body and out through the bonnet.  When the Agera One:1 is in top speed mode the flaps are closed completely to reduce down force and make the megacar as slippery as possible.

Sculpted body panelling was a massive priority for airflow, and the doors alone have increased airflow to the engine by 40%.  Lastly on the aerodynamic trickery is the world’s first top mounted, movable rear wing on a road car, inspiration for which was taken from Le Mans racers to increase the efficiency of the underside of the wing.  Under braking, the wing increase down force on the rear of the car to improve the effectiveness of the rear brakes.

Details of the aerodynamics can be viewed in the gallery below:

The car is a showcase in carbon fibre technology, with the list of carbon fibre bits including the seats, the wheels, the chassis, the sun visors, and there are even plans for a carbon fibre set of springs for the suspension, which reduce the weight by a further 3Kg.

But the Agera One:1 is still a road car, and as such it has usable tech.  Active suspension means you can raise the car to traverse speed bumps, and it has a 7-speed paddle-shift transmission with uber-quick shifts.  Even more interesting is the way the suspension, GPS and a cell phone app have been linked together, which not only calibrates the car for road use, but also uses all information it gather to adjust the One:1 for every corner on a racetrack as it approaches them.  It also records all information via the app, so you can check the full diagnostics of the run after you’re finished.

The options list of the Koenigsegg Agera One:1 includes the following options; one piece racing bucket seats, active shock absorber settings, full clear carbon body, custom body striping, upgraded audio system, painted calipers, personalized logo on rear hood, anodized black aluminium interior, custom leather One:1 custom luggage set, custom diamond encrusted key, titanium exhaust outlet, active noise cancellation, 3G telematics system, and variable turbo geometry.  With only six of the One:1 being built, and all of those sold prior to launch, we can imagine all optional extras would be included at the wish of the 6 respective owners.

Bugatti came to power and then fell at the hands of the SSC Ultimate Aero before regaining the title with the Veyron SuperSport.  Now, with Hennessey having just taken the title, their victory shall be short lived.  The Koenigsegg Agera One:1 is the hypercar to end all hypercars.  Who would’ve thought the Swedes could be this mental?


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