Opel confirms Adam and Mokka for South Africa:

The Opel ADAM will compete against the currently unrivaled Fiat 500.

As part of Opel’s future development strategy, the brand plans on releasing a slew of new models, and they plan on locally marketing more models.  When we outlined their plan last year, the ADAM super-mini and Mokka SUV featured strongly on the ‘cars for consideration’ list.  Well they’ve now been considered, the decision has been made, and both the ADAM and Mokka are coming to SA!

The pint-sized ADAM will come into the local market to compete with the Fiat 500.  With a range of customisation options, the endless final product possibilities are sure to be a hit amongst young South Africans.  Also, the ADAM is amongst the first Opel models to be receiving newly developed engines, including the 1.0-litre 3-cylinder ECOTEC engine.

Pricing and engine specification will be confirmed closer to the launch date, which should be before mid-2015.

Don't like the Ford EcoSport? The Opel Mokka will offer something different in 2015.

The Mokka sub-compact SUV, a rival to Ford’s EcoSport SUV, will also be arriving at around the same time.  The small SUV caters to a similarly trendy buyer of the ADAM, but one who prefers the visibility, space, and commanding road position of an SUV.  High levels of standard equipment are apparently on the cards to persuade buyers away from the Ford, and Opel promises competitive pricing in the segment.

Again, as with the ADAM, pricing, specification, and engine line ups are yet to be announced and will be finalised nearer to launch, however the 1.0-litre ECOTEC engine is a strong possibility, as is Opel’s new whisper-diesel oil burner.

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