This is the only image McLaren have released ahead of the 650S reveal next month.

‘Tis the season of supercars leading up to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show next month, or so it would seem.  The latest manufacturer to tease their newest supercar creation is British firm, McLaren.  As if they didn’t already enjoy the spotlight enough last year with the P1 in all it’s glory, they’ve teased a new model variant dubbed the “650S”.

The image above is all they’ve released so far, but with a name like “650S”, we think it’s quite possibly going to be a 650hp (480kW) variant of the McLaren 12C.  If we’re right, the 650S will take aim directly at the track-focused Ferrari 458 Speciale, and with the added benefit of extra power, it could possibly best the Prancing Horse.

Based on the existing 12C, expect the power hike to come from a remap of the current twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8.  The suspension, braking, and steering systems are likely to receive an upgrade too, with the P1 likely to play a crucial role in the technology available for the 650S.

This is not the “P13” codenamed supercar that McLaren are building, but it does provide the perfect 2014 ‘filler’ McLaren require in order to release the P13 next year, keeping with their 1-a-year methodology.

Should the Ferrari 458 Speciale be worried?  Only time will tell.  We’ll let you know more information as soon as we hear it.  The 650S will be revealed on Tuesday 4 March at 1PM.

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