Earlier in the month we brought you news of a new Koenigsegg that was looking to assassinate the Bugatti Veyron SS, titled the One:1.  This 6-of-a-kind hypercar was set to shatter all acceleration and top speed records, and Koenigsegg have released a teaser video.

To recap, we know the name is code for the power to weight ratio, as confirmed in the video, and according to an American publication, the One:1 is to weigh 1340Kg and have 1340Hp (999kW).  Powered by a twin-turbo quad-cam 5-litre V8, uprated from the Agera, the One:1 will be rear-wheel driven through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

The 6 One:1’s will target new records in the 0-200km/h, 0-300km/h, and 0-400km/h records, and should be capable of a top speed of beyond 450km/h according to predictions from Koenigsegg.

Due for debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show, the $2-million One:1 will be one of the show’s main attractions.  But for now, enjoy the teaser video below:

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