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Jaguar has a lot riding on the success of the new Jaguar XE – the first serious foray into the D-segment saloon segment (I said serious, the X-Type was anything but).  It may not be a volume seller in the local market; what with brand bias giving the BMW 3 … Read moreContinue Reading

Suzuki have pegged a firm hold in the South African hatchback market, offering the Celerio, Splash, Swift, and the SX4 Crossover SUV with some semblance of success.  Last year they You may also like What is Turbo Lag? SA-Bound Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Costs Supercar Money! Mazda South Africa Killed … Read moreContinue Reading

For many years, big bang theorists and evolutionary believers have pondered and searched to find “the missing link”.  Well for Opel, they’ve found it, or created it rather.  It’s the Opel Astra sedan, back for the first time in nearly a decade!  For a while, Opel were lulled into the … Read moreContinue Reading