Updated Renault Clio RS launched in SA

The new Renault Clio RS has received mixed reactions since launch – some have criticised the lack of a manual gearbox, whilst others have criticised how soft it has gone, particularly as the last model was a true hardcore hot hatch.  But with time, things change, and Renault is hoping … Read more

Limited Edition Ford Fiesta ST200 lands in SA

Remember that extra spicy version of the Ford Fiesta ST that we weren’t supposed to get in South Africa?  Yea, the Fiesta ST200, Well, we’re getting it… although it is going to be limited in number to make the 149kW Fiesta ST200 a halo model for the Fiesta range.   … Read more

2017 Ford Fiesta ST Revealed… as a 3 Cylinder!

Amongst the current crop of junior hot hatches, the Ford Fiesta ST is the stand-out – not just for punching way above its weight in terms of power outputs, but because it’s by far the most enthralling of the lot to drive.  Simple, honest fun, with a menacing soundtrack, predictable … Read more

Unveiled: Ford Fiesta ST 200 in Geneva

The Ford Fiesta ST is a joyful little thing.  In fact it’s one of the finest hot hatches of the modern era; combining a playful attitude, vicious tenacity, and outright ability, with affordable pricing and an approachable nature.  But at 132kW, it’s always been one of the least powerful hot … Read more


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