McLaren, BP23, McLaren BP23, F1 Successor, Torquing Cars

McLaren BP23 – Bespoke Project 2, 3-Seater – is the code-name for the 3-seater Hyper-GT being developed by McLaren in spiritual succession to the infamous McLaren F1.  As with the F1, 106 units will be built, each boasting a 3 seat configuration with a central driving position.   But The … Read moreContinue Reading

McLaren P1, Nurburgring

It’s been one hell of a year for the famed Nurburgring Norschleife circuit inGermany.  The Green Hell, as Jackie Stewart called it, which is the proving ground for so many of the vehicles we aspire to ownin, has seen remarkable times this year from several dream machines.  From the 8:04 … Read moreContinue Reading