Speed Kills, or Does It? (Opinion)

and why granny won’t be coming to Christmas anymore, kids… I’d like to imagine there are hordes of people my parents’ age roaming around with eye-patches and only one eye.  It was crammed down my throat from a young age that the consequence of anything and everything was to lose … Read more

‘Win on Sunday, sell on Monday’ is dead… (Opinion)

'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday' is dead... but it doesn't have to be, nor should it be. How much of a role does motorsport play in vehicle sales nowadays? Would we hype up our supercars if it weren't for their motorsport heritage?

I’ve been involved in 2 different, but not entirely exclusive discussions today; one comparing the original NSX with the new, 2016 model, and one about the ‘win on Sunday, sell on Monday’

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Why Ferrari needs to revive the Dino badge:

Ferrari is at a crossroads with new management that are known to have an eye for profits over exclusivity - so why not revive a sub-brand with a bit of heritage to its name?

The bane of every petrolhead is the day a supercar manufacturer decides to water down their brand with SUV’s and laymen’s cars – vehicles that destroy the purity of a brand’s

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