Nurburgring Lap Times, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Torquing Cars

Nurburgring lap times are bullshit.  Yet, when 0-100km/h times and top speeds aren’t enough to win the barroom game of drunken Top Trumps, you can bet Nurburgring lap times will be there to ‘prove’ which vehicle is best. But Nurburgring lap times don’t prove a thing. In fact, Nurburgring lap … Read moreContinue Reading

12 years after Opel displayed a unique one-off Astra OPC X-treme Concept in 2002, featuring a DTM-sourced 4.0 V8, Opel will be arriving at the Geneva Motor Show in March with a more modern OPC EXTREME, and this time, it’s destined for production – albeit in a limited production run. … Read moreContinue Reading

McLaren P1, Nurburgring

It’s been one hell of a year for the famed Nurburgring Norschleife circuit inGermany.  The Green Hell, as Jackie Stewart called it, which is the proving ground for so many of the vehicles we aspire to ownin, has seen remarkable times this year from several dream machines.  From the 8:04 … Read moreContinue Reading