Opel, Crossland X, B SUV, Meriva, 2008, C3 Aircross, Torquing Cars

For a while, the small MPV segment had a decent following in South Africa.  The best seller on a regular basis was the Opel Meriva – based on the Corsa platform and providing space for a family in a compact package, the Meriva was a good, solid performer.  But times … Read moreContinue Reading

Opel, Crossland X, Grandland X, Mokka X, Torquing Cars

Opel’s on the offensive – following the initiation of their growth plans, things have been going swimmingly for them.  To prove it, and to further boost sales volumes, the German marque is planning on releasing 7 new vehicles during 2017.  It’s not 7 genuine models though, as 3 of them … Read moreContinue Reading

Suzuki Vitara, Vitara GL+, Torquing Cars

The Suzuki Vitara is late to the compact crossover party, albeit fashionably so with its Range Rover Evoque-aping styling and customisable interior décor.  But being fashionable won’t be enough.  The Suzuki Vitara is going to need depth, ability and personality if it wants to challenge the popularity-princesses of the compact … Read moreContinue Reading

Toyota, Toyota C-HR, Torquing Cars, Compact Crossover

The Toyota C-HR is the Japanese brand’s first foray into the compact crossover segment.  Despite the brand having such a large global footprint, they’re late to the compact crossover market.  Sure, the Rav-4 has been around for a while, but they haven’t had anything smaller than that… until now.   … Read moreContinue Reading