McLaren, BP23, McLaren BP23, F1 Successor, Torquing Cars

McLaren BP23 – Bespoke Project 2, 3-Seater – is the code-name for the 3-seater Hyper-GT being developed by McLaren in spiritual succession to the infamous McLaren F1.  As with the F1, 106 units will be built, each boasting a 3 seat configuration with a central driving position.   But The … Read moreContinue Reading

McLaren, 720S, McLaren 720S, Super Series, Torquing Cars

McLaren, hallowed hypercar manufacturer and creator of the almighty McLaren F1, has made one hell of a resurgence in the past 6 years.  The MP4-12C launched in 2011 as the first new fully McLaren-engineered vehicle in 13 years, and would be the first of many including the 570S, and the … Read moreContinue Reading

McLaren F1, McLaren, F1, F1 Successor, McLaren F1 Successor, McLaren BP23, BP23, Torquing Cars

24 years ago, McLaren released the hypercar that would define a generation.  The 3-seater McLaren F1 was known not only for the odd seating configuration – which featured a central driver’s seat position – but for the gold-plated engine bay, the BMW-sourced V12, and of course the fact that it … Read moreContinue Reading

[imagebrowser id=108] We do love the internet!  It seems that after a 1-image teaser of the upcoming McLaren 650S, a series of images have leaked online from what may have been a private reveal to a select group of customers.  Thankfully, one of those select few was kind enough to show … Read moreContinue Reading

‘Tis the season of supercars leading up to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show next month, or so it would seem.  The latest manufacturer to tease their newest supercar creation is British firm, McLaren.  As if they didn’t already enjoy the spotlight enough last year with the P1 in all it’s … Read moreContinue Reading