New TVR, TVR, TVR Griffith, Goodwood, Torquing Cars

TVR is a somewhat iconic brand – a British marque known for their slightly insane and violently handling sports cars that have developed cult followings in some circles.  Like them or not, you certainly know about them, and now, a new TVR is going to debut, and in doing so, … Read moreContinue Reading

McLaren, BP23, McLaren BP23, F1 Successor, Torquing Cars

McLaren BP23 – Bespoke Project 2, 3-Seater – is the code-name for the 3-seater Hyper-GT being developed by McLaren in spiritual succession to the infamous McLaren F1.  As with the F1, 106 units will be built, each boasting a 3 seat configuration with a central driving position.   But The … Read moreContinue Reading

McLaren F1, McLaren, F1, F1 Successor, McLaren F1 Successor, McLaren BP23, BP23, Torquing Cars

24 years ago, McLaren released the hypercar that would define a generation.  The 3-seater McLaren F1 was known not only for the odd seating configuration – which featured a central driver’s seat position – but for the gold-plated engine bay, the BMW-sourced V12, and of course the fact that it … Read moreContinue Reading