It’s not every day you get to drive a brand new BMW M4 variant on track, let alone three variants back to back.  So when launching the BMW M4 CS – short for Competition Sport – at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand, South Africa at the first BMW M … Read moreContinue Reading

One can’t speak of Audi RS-models without the famous Porsche-Audi collaboration, the RS2 Avant.  Since then, the Avant, or station wagon, has become synonymous with Audi’s performance offerings, the B5, B7, and B8 Audi RS4s, and of course the RS6 in its various iterations.  At the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, … Read moreContinue Reading

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We all love carbon fibre.  Not only does it make a car look ominous, imposing, and totally badass, but the weight savings are a huge plus.  It’s why we love that cars like the Alfa Romeo Giulia feature CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) driveshafts right from the base spec models … Read moreContinue Reading

Lexus have recently gone on the attack with renewed designs and several new models, including the new IS, GS, and ES models, as well as releasing details of the new RC coupe.  Now, they’ve brought out the big guns and signified their intent to attack BMW head on with the … Read moreContinue Reading