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It’s the most powerful Jaguar, in the world, and yet it’s based on one of Jaguar’s smallest platforms – that of the BMW 3 Series rivalling XE sedan.  Jaguar’s SVO division (Special Vehicle Operations) has taken the XE and shoehorned in the most powerful version of the brand’s supercharged 5.0-litre … Read moreContinue Reading

The Jaguar XE has been a revelation in the segment, finally providing a legitimate challenger to the BMW 3 Series for driving dynamics.  But the ceiling of performance for the XE has only been the XE-S – a supercharged V6 rival to the BMW 340i – with no rival to … Read moreContinue Reading

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I’ll go ahead and spoil the plot for you.  I’ll start off lamenting why people buy performance SUV’s – incapable of off-road excursions, and not boasting any more usefulness than say, a performance station wagon that looks better in any case.  Then I’ll introduce you to the Jaguar F-Pace S … Read moreContinue Reading