Volvo going electric from 2019

Just days after the announcement that Polestar would separate from Volvo to become a standalone manufacturer of electrified performance cars, Volvo has made a bold move and declared that from 2019, all Volvos will be electrified!   The announcement comes as manufacturers make a drive towards green energy, with Volvo … Read more

First Drive – Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine

It’s 10:30 in the AM, Sandton and surrounding areas are their usual congestive chaos.  I await the street light’s imminent change to green in silence – the norm for modern cars equipped with stop/start technology.  But the silence continues as I pull away, and then reach the next intersection… and … Read more

Koenigsegg Regera – the ‘megacar’ with no gearbox:

You read the title right; and if you know anything about Christian von Koenigsegg, there’s a small part of you that won’t be surprised he’s found a way to build a hybrid with more than 1000kW

Read more


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Driving Impressions: BMW ActiveHybrid 3 & 5

When BMW handed us the keys to an ActiveHybrid 3 last week and sent us on a drive, we already knew what to expect of the exterior and interior, having driven the superb BMW F30 328i last year. What we didn’t know about was just how electric would meet combustion … Read more


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