BMW M5 xDrive (F90) revealed

Here it is – officially this time – the BMW M5 xDrive.  Perhaps the worst kept secret, and yet still one of the most anticipated model releases of the year.  After leaked images surfaced ahead of the official reveal, we now have full image sets and details of the new … Read more

BMW M5 xDrive (F90) Leaked online

It’s due to be unveiled today in full, but yesterday, a video surfaced on the RETURN YouTube channel with what appear to be official images of the F90 BMW M5 – the first ever M5 to boast xDrive AWD.   The F90 M5 appears to gain all the expected exterior … Read more

‘M xDrive’ confirmed for new BMW M5

It’s been rumoured for some time, possibly the worst kept secret in the automotive universe, that the new BMW M5 – based on the G30 platform – would be receiving AWD for the first time ever.  Now, BMW has confirmed AWD for the BMW M5, along with a few other … Read more


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