It’s not every day you get to drive a brand new BMW M4 variant on track, let alone three variants back to back.  So when launching the BMW M4 CS – short for Competition Sport – at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand, South Africa at the first BMW M … Read moreContinue Reading

One can’t speak of Audi RS-models without the famous Porsche-Audi collaboration, the RS2 Avant.  Since then, the Avant, or station wagon, has become synonymous with Audi’s performance offerings, the B5, B7, and B8 Audi RS4s, and of course the RS6 in its various iterations.  At the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, … Read moreContinue Reading

Jaguar XE SV Project 8, Jaguar XE, Jaguar XE SV, SVR, SVO, Special Vehicle Operations, Jaguar XE, Torquing Cars

It’s the most powerful Jaguar, in the world, and yet it’s based on one of Jaguar’s smallest platforms – that of the BMW 3 Series rivalling XE sedan.  Jaguar’s SVO division (Special Vehicle Operations) has taken the XE and shoehorned in the most powerful version of the brand’s supercharged 5.0-litre … Read moreContinue Reading

The Jaguar XE has been a revelation in the segment, finally providing a legitimate challenger to the BMW 3 Series for driving dynamics.  But the ceiling of performance for the XE has only been the XE-S – a supercharged V6 rival to the BMW 340i – with no rival to … Read moreContinue Reading

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Picture – if you’ll humour me for a moment – a bear in a 3-piece suit.  A fine suit of woven cotton and silk, soft to the touch, and tailored to a tee.  It’s absurd, the notion of something so debonair swathing something that could be so brutal, so vicious, … Read moreContinue Reading