Opel Astra K Arrives in South Africa

Every brand has their key models in a market.  For Volkswagen it’s undoubtedly the Golf, BMW the 3 Series, Toyota the Hilux, Ford the Focus and so on.  For Opel, who have been dwindling near the bottom of the sales charts for the better part of a decade, the launch … Read more

Review – Ford Focus 1.5T Trend Sedan:

“Never judge a book by its cover,” my mother always taught me as a child, and like all mothers usually are, she was right to do so.  I should have remembered this simple lesson as I cast my gaze upon the silver Ford Focus sedan parked at my office this … Read more

Review: Opel Astra Sedan 1.4T Essentia Auto

For many years, big bang theorists and evolutionary believers have pondered and searched to find “the missing link”.  Well for Opel, they’ve found it, or created it rather.  It’s the Opel Astra sedan, back for the first time in nearly a decade!  For a while, Opel were lulled into the European theme of hatchbacks, but South Africa felt neglected – after all, the Opel Astra Euro series sedans are some of the most popular old cars on our roads.  But Opel has triumphantly stepped back into the saloon game without missing a beat, almost as if they’d never been gone.


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