BMW South Africa has learnt from the past and knows that we love special edition models.  Not only have they given us the #40YearsOf3 limited edition 3 Series recently, but now they’re giving us a South Africa-only special edition M5 – limited to only 20 units, and with as much power … Read moreContinue Reading

Who would’ve said 5 years ago that McLaren would be going toe-to-toe with Ferrari’s most important ‘affordable’ model, the 458 Italia?  The 12C was great, but wasn’t quite good enough. You may also like What is Turbo Lag? SA-Bound Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Costs Supercar Money! Mazda South Africa Killed The … Read moreContinue Reading

Last year Mercedes-Benz released the new S Class, and at the Frankfurt Motor Show they previewed the S Class Coupe concept.  Good news for us is that the Coupe has now been revealed and it looks as stunning as the concept did, if not better. You may also like SA-Bound … Read moreContinue Reading

For nearly a decade, the Audi RS6 has been synonymous with crazy outputs from bi-turbo “V” engine setups. From the C5 (331kW, 580Nm) to the monstrous C6 (426kW, 650Nm), big numbers are what “RS6” has always been about. The only problem with the C6 was that weighing in at 2025Kg, … Read moreContinue Reading