Tech-Talk – Turbocharged Fuel Economy is a Lie

Of late, a few articles have been released stating that manufacturers are going to re-look at the idea of small displacement turbocharged engines.  It seems, despite the downsizing trend, they’ll actually need to start making their engines bigger again.  We’re not talking about getting back the 6208cc V8 from the … Read more

Review – Opel ADAM GLAM:

The Opel ADAM is a model that carries the weight of the entire company on its shoulders in my opinion.  It might be the smallest car made by Opel, but by bestowing it with the name ADAM, they’ve given it huge room for disappointment and a ruined reputation.  Let me explain… … Read more

Review – Suzuki Celerio 1.0 GL:

‘Cheap’ doesn’t have to mean ‘cheap and nasty’.  It’s a memo that seemingly every budget car manufacturer seems to have missed in recent years.  Thankfully, someone at Suzuki got it,

Read more


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Is Datsun’s first new model a GO or a no-GO?

  Datsun is back.  We’ve know it’s coming for some time, but they’re officially here now with their one and only vehicle currently available in SA, called the GO.  Sadly, for those that remember the glory days of Datsun, this isn’t a SSS, and it isn’t a Datsun 1400 bakkie.  No, … Read more


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