Nurburgring Lap Times, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Torquing Cars,, Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is making waves as we await its local launch here in South Africa.  But while we wait, it’s been going about its business rather well, including taking on the Nurburgring to set a record for cars under 250Hp (184kW) with the help of some duct tape. … Read moreContinue Reading

For nearly a decade, the Audi RS6 has been synonymous with crazy outputs from bi-turbo “V” engine setups. From the C5 (331kW, 580Nm) to the monstrous C6 (426kW, 650Nm), big numbers are what “RS6” has always been about. The only problem with the C6 was that weighing in at 2025Kg, … Read moreContinue Reading