First Look: Mazda CX-8 Crossover

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Our first and only look at the Mazda CX-8

Mazda have a new large crossover SUV coming, the Mazda CX-8.  It’ll be a new 6- to 7-seater, 3 row crossover SUV aimed at those who need more space than what the CX-5 currently offers.


Mazda do offer a CX-9 in the USA, which features similar styling to this lone side profile shot issued by Mazda earlier today.  The CX-9 also has an almost identical wheelbase to that of the Mazda CX-8 (2 930mm), though the CX-8 is both shorter (4 900mm) and narrower (1 840mm wide) than the CX-9.  Mazda have stated that the CX-8 will be the flagship in the brand’s SUV line-up, suggesting the CX-9 may be replaced in the long run.


The Mazda CX-8 will be launched before year end in Japan, with global rollout not yet confirmed.


The Mazda CX-8 will be powered by a 2.2-litre SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, driving the front wheels as standard through a 6-speed automatic transmission.  The SKYACTIV-D engine is likely to retain the same figures as in the CX-5, with outputs of 129kW and 440Nm.

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