It’s the Ferrari GTC4Lusso – the FF Upgraded:

Meet the Ferrari GTC4Lusso – ever taken a look at the limited edition Ferrari F12 TDF and thought, “I wish the kids and wife could come along for the ride”.  Sure, there was the Ferrari FF – the 4 seater, 4-wheel drive hatchback – but it’s down on power and tech from the TDF.  Well, the FF has been upgraded.  It’s now the Ferrari GTC4Lusso – alphabet soup for the fastest way to get across a country in style.


The reason for the alphabet soup is a matter of heritage for the brand.  Much in the same way the F12 TDF and 488 GTB were named after historical models, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso references the 550GTC and its 2+2 sibling, the GT, as well as the 250GT Berlinetta Lusso – all famous grand touring models from the Italian marque.




The updated model, an evolution of the FF, tidies up the shooting brake’s body styling in a big way – transforming it from a slightly awkward Italian art-piece into an aggressive, edgy 2+2 seater.


Inside, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso has been completely redesigned to involve both driver and front passenger in the action with a new Dual Cockpit setup, which comprises a passenger side display with a range of display options including speedometer and tachometer displays.  The dual cockpit frames a new 10.25-inch touch-screen display.




This is where the technophiles will really get hot under the collar!  The Ferrari GTC4Lusso has adopted the 4-wheel steering setup from the F12 TDF to improve handling.  In tandem with the 4-wheel drive system, Ferrari call the new setup 4RM-S, which boasts the latest edition of Ferrari’s Slip Side Control – version 4.0 for those that are counting – as well as an electronic diff (E-Diff) and adjustable dampers.


All these systems aid the Ferrari GTC4Lusso in putting down the power on offer in all scenarios – and there’s a lot of it to get down to the tarmac.  The 6.3-litre V12 engine has been upgraded to now boast outputs of 507kW @ 8000rpm and 697Nm @ 5750rpm.  With the help of some much revised aerodynamics and a dry weight of 1790Kg, Ferrari claim the Ferrari GTC4Lusso will complete the 0-100km/h sprint in 3.4 seconds before topping out at 335km/h.


There’s no word yet on a Fiorano lap time, but with the additional power and gear to aid handling, it’s bound to be fast.


Last hoorah of the NA Ferrari V12?


Unfortunately, this may well be the end of the naturally aspirated Ferrari V12.  At last year’s local reveal of the 488GTB, Michele Giaramita – the 488’s Chief Project Engineer – disclosed to us that the Ferrari V12 was nearing production turbocharging.


Mr. Giaramita said that it wouldn’t happen on the next V12 model, but the one after would most definitely be boosted – which makes the Ferrari GTC4Lusso potentially the last atmospherically aspirated V12 ever to come from Maranello.Ferrari, Ferrari GTC4Lusso, GTC4Lusso, FF, Torquing Cars

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