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McLaren BP23 – Bespoke Project 2, 3-Seater – is the code-name for the 3-seater Hyper-GT being developed by McLaren in spiritual succession to the infamous McLaren F1.  As with the F1, 106 units will be built, each boasting a 3 seat configuration with a central driving position.


But The McLaren BP23 isn’t a successor to the F1, McLaren swear.  The British supercar manufacturer states categorically that that title is reserved for the hybrid monster known as the P1.


But amidst a relative shroud of secrecy, McLaren have released another teaser and new details about the “not an F1 successor”.


For starters, the new McLaren BP23 will be the most aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever.  That’s the claim from the British firm, and inn the latest teaser image we see a design sketch of the rear ¾ view of a very slippery looking body design.


In addition to this, McLaren also state that the McLaren BP23 will be the most powerful road-going McLaren ever too.  We’ve previously been told that the BP23 will utilise a hybrid drivetrain, which we thought would be a detuned version of the P1’s system.  However with the release of the new M480T 4-litre V8 in the McLaren 720S and with McLaren’s “most powerful” statement, it would seem we guessed wrong.


How much power will it have?  We don’t know just yet – but considering the P1 gleaned 542kW from the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, up from the 496kW in the 650S, augmented with an additional 132 electric kW, it would be fair to assume the McLaren BP23 will boast a combined output of over 1000hp (745kW).


For the record – if all this talk of 1000hp hybrid hyper-GT McLaren’s has you cracking open the wallet, you’re too late.  All 106 examples are already spoken for, with first deliveries expected in early 2019.

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