Volkswagen Golf GTE – The hybrid GTI:

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No, you aren’t hallucinating, you read the title right, the VW Golf GTE is a hybrid GTI, an electrically influenced version of the world’s most iconic hot hatch, and it’s ready for the official unveil at Geneva next month, complete with a 939km range and 150kW on tap.


The powertrain for the GTE features 2 modes of input, a 1.4 TSI motor, tuned to a state of 110kW and an electric motor capable of up to 75kW.  The maximum combined system power is a peak of 150kW with 350Nm on tap.  But since this is a hybrid GTI, it needs to be able to perform – how does 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 217km/h sound?  Impressive, right?


That’s because it is.  The Golf GTE offers performance credentials, yet is still able to return claimed consumption figures of 1.5l/100km, and is able to travel up to 50km on battery power alone.  Not only does it have a rather extensive range, but on all-electric power, the GTE can reach speeds of up to 130km/h.  In theory, the Golf GTE is capable of a driving range of 939 hybridized kilometres.


Construction of the GTE is based on the familiar VW Group MQB platform, which also underpins the A3 in all variations, as well as the Golf.  The lightweight platform enables the GTE to remain fairly lightweight, despite its 120Kg lithium-ion battery pack, and weigh in at only 1524Kg.  The GTE utilises one of 2 gearboxes, either an automatic shift, or a 6-speed DSG unit with a triple clutch, designed specifically for hybrid use.


Styling-wise, the GTE remains typically GTI, although a few tweaks have been made to highlight the hybrid aspect of the vehicle.  The C-shaped daytime running lights are a signature e-Golf design element, while the GTE re-colours GTI elements such as the red design elements in a blue hue.  Dual LED headlights come standard, whilst specifically developed 16-, 17-, and 18-inch aluminium wheels have been designed bespoke for the GTE.  Inside, the GTE uses the GTI design, but again, red touches have been replaced with blue.


So the GTI has gone green, or blue, and has managed to maximise fuel efficiency with typical GTI traits.  We can only wonder if the GTE can match the prowess of the GTI, but with 350Nm of readily available torque, the hybrid  version will certainly be fun!

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