The open-top F12 TRS is a true thing of beauty.

One man, and one man only, is going to be a very happy camper when he takes delivery of his specially commissioned one-off open top F12berlinetta.  The F12 TRS as it’s been dubbed has been built upon special request for an extreme, two-seater, open-top barchetta, which was supposedly inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa of 1957.

Sound like it has all the makings of quite a good looking Ferrari?  Well just look at it, it’s magnificent!

The F12 TRS retains all the running gear and specs of the regular F12, meaning the owner will still get that glorious 6262cc V12 screaming to a peak power of 544kW, and it’ll still thump forward with 690Nm of torque made available at 9000 rpm.

Besides the overall beauty of an open-top F12, the TRS also benefits from a window over the engine bay, showing the V12’s red cylinder heads off to the world – a throwback to front-engined Ferrari sports cars of the 1950s.  The bodywork has also been sculpted into a more fluid design, finished in a Rosso Corsa inspired paint colour.

Internally, the F12 TRS has been moulded to the spec of a rear driving machine.  Features like air-con have been cut back, and the likes of the glove compartment, central air vents, mats, audio system, window controls, and storage bins have been removed completely.

With bare-driving spec inside, and a monster of a V12 up front, we sure do hope the owner of this one-off will drive the F12 TRS as it was meant to be driven.  Whoever you are, you have our respect sir.

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