Opel Adam Rocks is ready to roll in Geneva:

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Opel is currently in the process of trying to regain some of their previous glory, with an onslaught of models and technology in the coming years.  Next up on the list, and due for reveal at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, is the Opel Adam Rocks, a crossover version of the super-mini Adam due for possible local release this year.

The Adam Rocks is taller, wider, and tougher than the standard Adam models – built for lovers of the outdoors, right down to the full-length electric folding canvas roof.  The crossover style Adam Rocks is raised by 15mm over the standard Adam, and takes inspiration from Parkour runners.

Revisions made to the Adam for the Rocks include revised dampers, springs, rear suspension, and steering.  The rugged looked and increased dimensions are matched by either 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels.  In addition, anthracite-coloured protective cladding adds to the outdoor allure, whilst an integrated rear roof spoiler adds a touch of sportiness to the design.  The Rocks will be available in a variety of colours, including the vibrant yellow, touted as “Goldbusters”.

The Adam Rocks’ folding roof retracts swiftly in 5-seconds flat, whilst the nature of the soft-top mechanism results in no negative impact on the structural rigidity of the Rocks.  The interior of the crossover Adam is designed with durability in mind, with two Rocks-specific designs available, resulting in changes to the instrument cluster, seats, and door panels.

The Adam Rocks will be the 1st Opel to utilise the new 1.0-litre ECOTEC engine, in 84.6kW and 66kW states of tune.  Also available will be 3 4-cylinder normally aspirated variants, including a 52kW 1.2-litre, as well as a 1.4-litre tuned to 64kW and 74kW.

The Adam Rocks will benefit from a host of internal features, including the Intelilink infotainment system which integrates smartphones with the car, and enables USB and Bluetooth connectivity, including audio streaming.  A 7-inch HD touch screen is included in the system, as are 7 speakers and a navigation system.

At this stage, although we are sure the standard Adam will make it to South Africa; we don’t know if the Adam Rocks is under consideration.  We can only hope that it is.

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