The rear end of an elongated S Class will now bare the Maybach name.

The Maybach brand died a few years ago; some people couldn’t be happier about it – after all the designs were a little gaudy and against the likes of Bentley and Rolls Royce, Maybach just couldn’t compete.  But from the ashes of the famed brand, Mercedes-Benz has decided to give it a phoenix-like resurrection, this time under the name of “Mercedes-Maybach”.


The first model of the resurrection is the Mercedes-Maybach S600, and as the name suggests it’s based on the standard S Class.  It’s got the S Class styling and design, and will likely feature the same interior – with a bit more glamour to it – but it’s longer, much longer, than a regular S Class.

This lone shot of the rear seats accompanied the announcement of the Mercedes-Maybach brand.


Whilst Mercedes has been tight-lipped on exact dimensions, spyshots of the Maybach in testing indicate an increase in length by over a metre, with rumours for an even longer wheelbase version somewhere in the future.  What Mercedes-Maybach has let slip though is a shot of the rear seats – a place where multi-millionaires are likely to spend most of their ownership experience – depicting a rather lavish setting with reclining seats, high quality leather, and an overall experience fitting to the heritage of the Maybach name.


The full reveal of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 will be before the end of November, and we’ll bring you all the details and photos as they break.

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