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What do you do when a McLaren P1 isn’t hardcore enough for you?  Well, you hound McLaren to build an even more hardcore version, one that comes with a change of pants as a standard feature.  The good folks at McLaren are happy to oblige of course, and following the end of the standard P1’s production run they’ll be building a limited run of these, the McLaren P1 GTR.

P1 GTR might sound somewhat familiar, as it should.  This track-only version of the P1 hypercar is the spiritual successor to the infamously crazy McLaren F1 GTR of 20 years ago.  With no need to meet legislations for road legality, McLaren have once again been allowed to go all out in creating the GTR.  As such, it’s the most track-focused and most powerful McLaren model to date.

How much power exactly?  1000PS – that’s German horsepower – equivalent to 736kW has been eked from the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 and electric motor combination.

Naturally though, with that much power driving the rear wheels, there have been several other upgrades to the P1 as a whole to cope.  The same ultra-rigid carbon fibre monocoque chassis has been utilised for the GTR, but the rest of the car around that has been modified, including an 80mm wider front track, an aggressive GT-style front splitter, low temperature radiator ducts, flared wheel arches, additional aerodynamic blades, a lowered, fixed ride height, a snorkel air intake and repositioned wing mirrors that prove to be more aerodynamically efficient.

The P1 GTR features lightweight 19-inch motorsport alloy wheels, wearing 270mm wide tyres at the front and 330mm wide rubber at the rear.  The wheels feature quick release centre lock-nuts, and quick tyre changes are aided by an onboard air-jack system taken from the 650S GT3 racer.

Naturally, bearing the GTR nomenclature, the car wouldn’t be complete without a rather large GT-style wing.  This fixed height, twin-element blade, is equipped with a hydraulically operated Drag Reduction System (DRS) from McLaren’s Formula 1 exploits.  Also adding to the insanity of the P1 GTR, a new titanium alloy twin-central exhaust not only looks the part, but is engineered to exploit the aural pleasure of the V8.

Being an ultra-honed racecar for the select private buyer, McLaren have tailored the P1 GTR Driver Programme.  This bespoke programme will allow owners of the GTR to take part in specialised driver training, have access to the McLaren racing simulator, and have a tailor-made experience delivered to them courtesy of McLaren Special Operations.

Naturally, we have to ask the question, McLaren P1 GTR, or the upcoming LaFerrari FXX?

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