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Earlier in the week we brought you the leaked images of the McLaren 650S Coupe – but now McLaren have released them officially, in high resolution thankfully, and detailed the 650S too.  So, get ready to start drooling.

As previously speculated, the 650S is indeed a reworked 12C, designed to compete against the Ferrari 458 Speciale.  It will be available in both Coupe and Spider variants, with the latter offering a retractable folding hard-top.  The 650S features an advanced and upgraded design over the 12C featuring many cues from the P1 hypercar, which looks to be the future of the McLaren design language.

As suspected, the name 650S does specify the power output, however 650 is not a value in horsepower, but rather in PS (Pferdestarke – German for Horsepower and equivalent to 0.986hp), resulting in a 471kW (641hp) final output from the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8.  The ‘S’ in the name stands for ‘Sport’, highlighting the focused intent of the 650S.  Performance figures will be revealed ahead of Geneva, but we expect a 3.0s 0-100km/h time.

The bodywork has taken much influence from the P1, and as such includes massive aerodynamic upgrades over the 12C, resulting in a 24% increase in downforce levels at speeds of 240km/h.

The 650S also features bespoke MC1 branded tyres on the lightweight forged 650S alloys.  The tyres were developed in partnership with Pirelli and are an evolution of the P Zero Corsa tyre.

Despite the track-focused intent of the 650S, it features an active chassis control suspension system with Normal, Sport, and Track modes, the lightest of which ensures comfortable road travelling.  It also comes kitted with satellite navigation, Bluetooth telephony, a digital radio, wireless connectivity, audio streaming, and voice control.  Optional extras will be fixed-back carbon racing seats based on those in the P1, electric steering column adjustment, a rear parking camera, and extra carbon fibre in the cabin.

The 650S will debut at the Geneva International Motor Show next month, with the display car set to make it’s way to South Africa shortly thereafter.

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