The new Maserati Ghibli is ready to strike at the 'giants' in its segment.

Maserati have had the Quattroporte on offer for some time now, but have yet to compete against the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz in their most powerful segments.  Now, with the imminent arrival of the new Ghibli, Maserati secured a 90-second Superbowl spot to signal their intent.

The advert, featuring Academy Award-nominated actress Quvenzhane Wallis and directed by American filmmaker David Gordon, comes as Maserati embark on their 100th year of automobile craftsmanship.  The clever scripting and cinematography are Goosebump-inducing, with an underlying message that the Italian marque are not going to be playing around, they’re here to take on the big guns.

The scripting for the advert, narrated by Wallis, goes as follows:

“The world is full of giants.

They have always been here, lumbering in the schoolyards, limping through the alleys.

We had to learn how to deal with them, how to overcome them.

We were small but fast, remember?

We were like a wind appearing out of nowhere.

We knew that being clever was more important than being the biggest kid in the neighbourhood.

As long as we keep our heads down, as long as we work hard,

trust what we feel in our guts, our hearts,

Then we’re ready.

We wait until they get sleepy,

wait until they get so big they can barely move,

and then walk out of the shadows,

quietly walk out of the dark—and strike.”

If the scripting and cinematography wasn’t enough, the guttural roar of the Maerati Ghibli that follows is sure to get your hair standing on end.  But that’s best experienced for yourself, with the volume up high:

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