Lexus RC-F revealed:

Lexus have recently gone on the attack with renewed designs and several new models, including the new IS, GS, and ES models, as well as releasing details of the new RC coupe.  Now, they’ve brought out the big guns and signified their intent to attack BMW head on with the RC-F – essentially the Lexus M4 fighter.

Working on the base of the RC Coupe we told you about last year, Lexus have turned the heat up to 11 on all fronts.  The styling is exaggerated and performance orientated, the paint is striking, and the RC-F bears all the cues of what might just have a chance at taking on the German big three.  This is all courtesy of Lexus’ F division, responsible for the LFA and the IS F sedan.

The exterior design employs all sorts of aerodynamic trickery, with details including smooth surfaces, cold air intakes, and an active spoiler that deploys at over 80km/h, as well as the signature style trapezoidal mount quad tailpipes.

The interior is a fair bit more docile than the exterior, preferring to remain classy as opposed to in your face, but still retains a sporty feel.  The sport seats are of particular interest, as they’re eye-catching design looks decidedly German.

Technical specs are yet to be revealed, but the RC-F is confirmed to carry the same naturally aspirated 5 litre V8 that saw duty in the IS-F, but with the wick turned up, with “power well above 450hp (335kW)”.

While the NA V8 might have character, we’re a bit weary it may not manage to keep up with the new kids on the block with their smaller displacement turbocharged engines.  One thing we can tell you is the RC-F looks rather impressive, and signifies something we haven’t seen from Lexus in some time, a definitive turn towards design and performance.

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