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Oh I love it when Jaguar goes crazy!  The Project 7 Concept from last year has been given the go-ahead for production, in a limited run of 250 units, and we couldn’t be happier.  It seems manufacturers have finally realised what we really want is bonkers, open top sports cars that look incredible, and drive even better.

The Project 7, which commemorates Jaguar’s 7 wins at Le Mans with the D -Type, debuts at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, celebrating the 60 year anniversary of the D-Type that inspired the concept.  Each of the 250 units will be hand built by Jaguar’s Special Operations team, and will not only benefit from brilliant styling, but from more power.

The supercharged 5.0-litre V8 from the F-Type Coupe R is being used, with power output adjusted to 423kW, and torque at 680Nm.  Naturally, the rear wheels will be driven through the same 8-speed transmission as the F-Type, but with the adjusted outputs and aero bits, the Project 7 will be hellishly fast.  0-100km/h will be dealt with in 3.9 seconds, and the top speed will be limited to 300km/h.  Yes, limited.

Power will be adeptly handled by the electronic diff, handling will be aided by torque vectoring, and carbon ceramic matrix brakes will handle the stopping.  But when you realise that this is the fastest, most powerful production Jag ever, you realise you need all of that and a good dose of sanity if you’re going to be driving one.

The all-aluminium bodied car weighs a meagre 1585Kg, largely thanks to the removal of the roof, but also thanks to carbon fibre aerodynamic body-bits, including the front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and adjustable rear spoiler.  Differing from the concept previewed last year, the Project 7 now features 2 seats as opposed to 1, and the passenger seat has a rollover hoop behind the headrest.  Should you really need it, a stowable roof is included in the purchase, but if you have any sense at all, you’ll never use that.

So, Jaguar, mind letting us trade a kidney for a Project 7?

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