Honda claim the new Type-R is R-Rated, we hope that's true.

Sh*t’s about to get serious.  There’s no other way of saying it.  It’s been a while since motor manufacturers made exciting adverts for their cars.  Nowadays it’s all about economy and carbon emissions, important stuff, but not fun.  Honda’s changed all that though with their newest advert for the forthcoming Civic Type R.

With Honda having promised us a new Nurburgring champion of FWD hatches a few years back, they weren’t expecting anyone to beat Renault anytime soon, least of all for Seat to go under 8 minutes, only for Renault to reclaim the title by going 4 seconds quicker.  Honda have their work cut out for them, but their new advert makes it clear that they’re still up to the challenge.

In their newest teaser for the Type R, due to be launched in 2015, Honda have thrown out the boredom we’re accustomed to seeing.  They’ve declared the new advert as R-Rated, and we quite like that.  The advert is filled with symbolism, from circling wolves and samurai swords to a man wearing a Nurburgring insignia jacket seemingly being hunted down.  For good measure they’ve tossed in some exciting music and a macabre flavour to the video, which you can watch below:

So what can we expect from the R-Rated hatchback?  The Type R will feature a brand new 2.0 VTEC TURBO engine from the Earth Dreams Technology range, that will produce at least 206kW and 400Nm, but after recent events we expect closer to 225kW.  It will be linked to a manual 6-speed transmission driving the front wheels as standard, but may also be optionally paired to a new 8-speed DCT.  It’s been seen testing around the Nurburgring for the past 2 years, and Honda even released shots of a rather mean looking prototype testing in Japan.  Not to mention it should look as close to the Type R concept as possible.

With Seat contemplating a stripped out Nurburgring warrior to take on the Renault Megane RS275 Trophy-R, and Renault not likely to take the challenge lying down, Honda has a mountain to climb.  But if this hair-raising advert is anything to go by, we’re in for an all-out bloodbath!

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