Honda Civic Type R nears final reveal:

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A turbocharged Civic Type R is near.  We’ve been drawn into the build-up of the newest Honda Civic Type R, with raunchy adverts and teases left right and centre, not to mention the Civic Type R Concept.  Now, as the release of the new Type R edges closer, Honda have released more details, as well as images of the Civic Type R Concept II, which will make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show, previewing the final Type R’s design.

Honda has confirmed the Type R will feature a 2.0-litre turbo engine from the new Honda Earth Dreams Technology engine series.  The 4-cylinder will develop over 206kW in final form, with an estimated torque output of 400Nm, with Honda claiming its performance will eclipse every Type R ever built, including the NSX.  The front wheels will be driven through a 6-speed manual transmission, with new 4-point adaptive dampers and steering technologies to reduce torquesteer, improve grip, and hopefully allow the Type R to capture the Nurburgring record for a FWD vehicle from Renault.

Lovers of high-revving Hondas need not fear the new turbocharged setup, as the Type R will red-line at 7000 rpm.  Another new feature to the Type R will be the ‘+R’ mode, activated with a button to the side of the steering wheel.  +R mode, Honda claims, will offer “the most exhilarating driving experience,” with heightened engine response, more aggressive torque-mapping, and more responsive steering.

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