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Gumpert are those people known for creating the absolutely mental Apollo supercar.  They take the best of Audi and add some insanity to the mix.  But now they have a something new, a Gumpert sports coupe.

It’s called the Explosion, and it debuted in Geneva last week as a smaller Gumpert than what we’ve seen before.  It’s also a new breed of Gumpert meant for more than just the racetrack – it’s supposedly usable too.  The short of it is that it’s a 2 seater sports car with 4-wheel drive, 313kW and 520Nm, able to launch from 0-100km/h in 3 seconds dead and top out at over 300km/h.  It all sounds rather crazy, doesn’t it?

Well it gets crazier.  The Explosion is built on a lightweight tubular frame chassis with bodywork made of carbon, glass fibre-reinforced plastic, and aluminium.  It’s a rather odd looking machine, and in many ways looks like a Gumpert take on Audi’s 2010 quattro concept.

Powering the Gumpert Explosion is a small displacement engine of only 1984cc.  The 2.0-litre 4-pot  turbocharged engine develops 313kW (420hp) at 6450rpm and 520Nm at 4550rpm, driving all 4 wheels via either a 6-speed paddle shift or 6-gear H stick shift transmission.

If you ask us, it sounds like a very high tech version of Audi’s new TT Quattro Sport Concept, which wouldn’t surprise us as Gumpert are known to use Audi engines in their machines.  But where the TT QSC may see production at a semi-affordable price, the Gumpert Explosion is priced at €105,000 (R1 570 390.50).

So, Gumpert have gone and created a R1 million 4-cylinder sports car with insane capability – good to see they’re sticking to what they know, being absolutely mental!

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