Audi Reveals 5-door TT – only as a concept:

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How many times have you heard an Audi TT owner say, “You know what I really wish my car had?  Another 2 doors, not like an A3 sedan though, a genuine 5 door TT.”  Exactly, you’ve never heard it – so just what Audi was thinking when they conceived this TT Sportback Concept, we’ll never know.

So, besides the obvious that Audi have turned one of the most iconic modern sports cars into a hunchback, the TT Sportback is pretty much everything you’d expect from a TT concept and then some.  The 4.47m long concept, being 29cm longer than the standard coupe, needs a bit of extra shove.  Audi have happily obliged with a 2.0 TFSI 4-pot delivering 294kW (400hp) @ 6400rpm and 450Nm @ 2400-6000rpm via a 7-speed S tronic dual clutch transmission (The same one found in the VW XL Sport concept).

Naturally, the TT Sportback gets quattro all-wheel drive – in this case a Haldex based setup as per the S3 – which enables the concept to rocket from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds.  Naturally to help ground all the power, Audi have fitted the concept with 21-inch alloys wearing 255/30 sized rubber, housing 18-inch brake discs to ensure stopping power is adequate.

Besides the juicy bits, the rest of the TT Sportback is standard fare, featuring the regular TT’s virtual cockpit, vent design with centrally located displays etc.  Despite being a 5-door model though, the Sportback is only equipped with 4 individual seats.  Naturally, we don’t expect legroom to be anything spectacular in the rear, despite the additional 12cm to the wheelbase.

Audi’s chief of technical development, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, has stated that the concept is a potential new member of the Audi TT family.  In our minds, we reckon Audi are still tossed up between the Sportback and a shooting brake variant of the roadster – of which the latter sounds far better to us.  But with all the faffing around over concepts, hinting at possible models, we’d like to suggest something – leave out the extra TT’s and build us a Sport Quattro concept please Dr. Hackenberg?

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