Aston Martin unveils feral 590kW+ Vulcan: (Video)

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Aston have been teasing us with short videos over the last few weeks, previewing a new model called the Vulcan.  But last night they revealed the new car for the whole world to see – and the world wasn’t expecting this!  590kW PLUS of track-only glory with a heavy dose of carbon fibre and a smidgen of V12 for good measure – the Vulcan is all sorts of beastly.


The Vulcan is a track only car, which will be made in limited numbers – only 24 units – and sold for a rather steep asking price of 1.8-million British Pounds.  But it’s much more than just a limited run car that no mere mortal will ever be able to afford; it’s a sign of things to come.


The Vulcan features a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, which increases rigidity and reduces weight – something that may come in very handy on future models.  Additionally the track monster features a limited-slip differential, a magnesium torque tube with a carbon fibre drive shaft, and massive Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes measuring 380mm in diameter up front and 360mm at the rear, housed within 345/30 R19 rubber on each wheel.


But the most important piece of the Vulcan’s make-up is the front-mid mounted engine (Located between the cockpit and the front axle).  Taken from the One-77, the 7.0-litre naturally aspirated V12 has been cranked up to generate 800bhp+ (590kW+), driving the rear wheels via a mid-mounted 6-speed sequential gearbox.  Acceleration and top speed figures, as well as torque figures, are being kept quiet for now, but will be released later in the year.


Additionally the Vulcan also features pushrod suspension, adjustable dampers, front and rear anti-roll bars, driver-adjustable ABS, and variable traction control, and the car complies fully with FIA race safety regulations.


The Vulcan is also said to preview the design language of future Aston Martin models – something that may not appeal to some Aston purists, and something that may need a bit of fine tuning as the Vulcan does appear slightly phallic in its shape.


Should you be one of the lucky 24 people rich enough to buy a Vulcan, you’ll also be treated to exclusive driver training by Aston Martin, which includes driver training by experienced racers, and the opportunity to learn in vehicles such as the One-77, V12 Vantage S, and Vantage GT4 race car.


This is Vulcan, and we’re hoping it’s a turning point for the best for Aston Martin.

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