Alfa Romeo to release SA-only Giulietta Squadra Corse: (Update)

When was the last time you heard of South Africa-only special edition vehicles that features upgraded performance and styling, to coincide with racing series?  Probably the 90s when the Opel Superboss reigned supreme – before that it was a regular occurrence for South African manufacturers to release bespoke vehicles to our market.  So imagine our excitement when we heard Alfa Romeo South Africa is releasing a SA-only special edition variant of the Giulietta QV to celebrate the addition of an Alfa Romeo to the African Endurance Series on April 11th.


A post has appeared on the Alfa Owners forum from a member of the FCA Group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) in South Africa stating the following:


“As you have probably heard and seen by now we are launching a limited edition QV Giulietta TCT high performance version called the Squadra Corse. If you read some of my recent posts you will see that we also launch our race car in the endurance series on 11 April 2015. The Squadra Corse allows customers to share our excitement at Alfa when it comes to racing passion and performance. The vehicle will have 210kW available and with the new TCT gearbox, a harmonically tuned exhaust, carbon fibre finishes and sporty bumpers and diffuser you will be forgiven if you think you were in a 4C.

Alfa is growing and the true spirit of the brand will surprise all in the near future.”


Now we know if we’re honest that you won’t feel like you’re sitting in a 4C – however a 210kW, SA-only Giulietta QV is an exciting prospect if ever there were one.  The Giulietta QV Squadre Corse (Alfisti will know the ‘Squadra Corse’ name from Alfa’s racing history) will apparently be built in limited numbers, and will be available in all available colours from the regular Giulietta QV range.


The 210kW output is derived from several upgrades to the 1.75-litre turbocharged engine found in the Giulietta QV and 4C – which will drive the front wheels via Alfa’s twin-clutch transmission – including a decatted exhaust system and new software with the help of a local tuning house.  Apparently the suspension has also been lowered slightly.  The QV Squadra Corse will keep traction via Alfa Romeo’s standard Q2 electronic differential, which should hopefully be able to keep torquesteer under control.


On Alfa Romeo South Africa competing in the African Endurance Series, the poster said:


“We, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, are building a vehicle to enter the African Endurance Series. We will debut our GT 3.2 V6 full race spec at Dezzi raceway on 11 April 2015. ADF Motorsport together with the Alfa SA technical team will complete the build and do trackside support. Theo Van Vuuren will pilot the vehicle with guest drivers doing duty at longer races.

The GT has been raced successfully in endurance internationally and local knowledge and support of the vehicle is high. We will use this to rally support for Alfa in motorsport going forward. Alfa is rich in racing heritage and we plan to bring out that passion in every possible way.”


A return to motorsport for Alfa Romeo, who hold such a rich competition history, is something many a South African Alfisti has longed for in recent decades.  But a 210kW Giulietta QV to celebrate this is something that could be very special indeed.


If this is a sign of things to come from Alfa Romeo South Africa, then we’re excited!


We’ve since been in contact with several sources who have let us know a little bit more about the Giulietta QV Squadra Corse.  Power output has been confirmed at 210kW, although torque figures are unconfirmed.  Apparently Alfa Romeo were able to bump power outputs to 225kW, however that would have necessitated uprated brakes, etc, which would have greatly increased the cost of the Squadra Corse.  Speaking of pricing, R470 000 is the price including registration and all applicable fees, pegging the Squadra Corse at a mere R45 000 more than the standard Giulietta QV.

Other details that have been confirmed are than the Squadra Corse’s improvements include a custom, decatted exhaust system (We’ve heard it, it sounds amazing!), new 18-inch alloy wheels, a lowered suspension, and newly customized front and rear bumpers.  We’ve seen, and head, one of the few existing models on the road around FCA’s head office in Midrand and not only does it sound the part, but it looks it too.  The QV SC will be available in all current Giulietta colours, however one will be uniquely kitted with 8C Red paint, making it the only 8C Red Giulietta QV Squadra Corse in the world.

Whilst details are still scarce, we’ll make sure we get them to you ASAP – as well as a drive report and full photo shoot in the coming weeks.


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