Another year, another selection of cars vying for the title of being the SAGMJ Car of the Year.  From a list of 35 eligible vehicle ranges, the finalists have been elected – 10 of them in number, and each with a strong chance of winning.


In alphabetical order, the finalists for the 2017 SAGMJ COTY are:



Indicative of the current market trend, an astounding 7 out of the 10 finalists fall into various classes of SUV.


From here, preparations begin for the final testing to decide on a winner.  In February of 2017, final testing will commence – at the newly revamped Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit – where the 28 jurors will evaluate all finalists in a series of tests and based on aspects including aesthetics, build quality, ergonomics, fuel consumption, environmental friendliness, safety features and value for money.


All vehicles will be viewed not directly against one another, but against those in their respective segments, in an effort to decide which vehicle has moved their relative segment of motoring forward the most.


The winner will be announced on March 15th, 2017.

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