Is this the 2017 Renault Megane RS?

The technological world is a wonderful place – we’re now privy to gossip, internet celebrities, and most important of all, leaked images of cars before the manufacturers officially reveal them.  Thanks to RS Rhône-Alpes, it looks like we may have our first look at the forthcoming 2017 Renault Megane RS.


These images, posted to their Facebook page last night, depict the new Megane with an assortment of go-faster looking additions and styling elements we’ve seen on the Clio RS16 concept car.  At this stage it is unclear whether these are mere artistic renders, or whether they are real leaked images of the 2017 Renault Megane RS, but we have reached out for more information.


If these are indeed leaked images, then this is most definitely not the road-going production model, but a concept to preview the upcoming Megane RS.  Sans massive spoiler and with a bit more ride height, this looks close as damnit to what we could expect a road-going version to look like.


UPDATE: Renault Sport has stated on Twitter that these are not leaked images.  They are instead renders of what we may expect.

What do we know about the 2017 Renault Megane RS so far?


At this stage, not much.  It is rumoured, and expected, that the 2017 Renault Megane RS will utilise a newly developed 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine, with outputs rumoured at 227kW (300hp).  Unlike the Ford Focus RS, the Megane RS is expected to retain its FWD layout.  Although it is expected to come with a manual transmission as standard, these photos depict shift paddles that suggest the use of a dual-clutch transmission – possibly as an option.


Aiding the 2017 Renault Megane RS’ handling will be the 4-wheel steering system from the latest Megane GT, which should assist Renault in reclaiming the title of the fastest FWD vehicle around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


We also know that the days of the 3 door Megane RS are seemingly gone, as Renault is expected to release the 2017 Megane RS in 5-door format only.  This is to improve practicality and try and steal sales from current segment leaders like the VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST.


So, what do you think?  Is this the 2017 Renault Megane RS, or did someone just get a bit happy in Photoshop?


Update: 2017 Renault Megane RS officially teased


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