2015 Mazda MX-5 to be turbocharged: (Video)

A render of what the upcoming Mazda MX-5 may look like.
A render of what the upcoming Mazda MX-5 may look like.

Yes, you read the title right – the world’s best selling sports car which has been naturally aspirated since its birth will now be turning turbo in its next iteration, due for reveal on the 3rd of September this year.

In this teaser video, released by Mazda, a turbocharged induction noise is clearly audible.  Does this mean Mazda’s ‘Jinba Ittai’ philosophy is going out the window? Not likely – the Japanese company has always been big on making the MX-5 a pure driving tool, so however the turbocharged setup is implemented, expect it to work flawlessly.

The new engine is likely to be an entirely new purpose-built SkyACTIV turbo bespoke for the MX-5, and although a 2.5-litre turbo setup is expected for the upcoming Mazda 3 MPS, the MX-5 will most likely make do with a smaller 2.0-litre displacement.

The details will all be revealed in September, but we expect a power output of around 130kW, driving the rear wheels through a good ol’ 6-speed manual gearbox.  The MX-5 hasn’t sold well in South Africa in recent years, but we’re hoping this new one will change all that.  After all, the MX-5 has always been one of the better ‘affordable’ driving experiences around.

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