1st Look – new Suzuki Vitara: (Video)

Suzuki's all-new Vitara revives an old name, and offers an SUV above the likes of the SX4 crossover.

Besides the ever-lovable Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki have produced some charming SUV’s over the years.  The Grand Vitara, despite not being exactly the ‘cute and cuddly’ kind of SUV, is a highly capable, durable machine.  Now, Suzuki are on the verge of debuting a new small SUV to sit above the SX4 crossover, titled the Vitara.

Based on the iV-4 concept, and reviving the Vitara nameplate from a quarter of a century ago, the new Vitara will be distinctly SUV-styled, and hopefully capable.  Low spec. models will be two-wheel drive, but the higher-specced versions will feature AllGrip all-wheel drive systems.

A range of petrol and diesel engines will be available, to be confirmed upon the official debut of the Vitara at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.  A range of customisation options will be made available to customers, including various colour and trim choices.

The Vitara will be fully revealed on Thursday, 2nd October, and as always we’ll bring you all the details.

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